The Women in Insurance Initiative (WII) is dedicated to taking substantive and measurable action for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the insurance industry. WII is committed to increasing DEIB in the insurance industry and promoting insurance as a desirable, stimulating and opportunity rich industry for women in STEM.


The landscape of the insurance industry has evolved, with more female representation compared to previous eras. Despite this positive shift, a visible disparity persists when examining leadership roles and the management pipeline.
A Playbook to Insure Women’s Success: A Catalyst for Gender Parity in Insurance Organizations, created by the WII Catalyst Committee, provides a blueprint for insurance organizations’ DEIB practices. 

Why Women in Insurance

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83% of Gen Z candidates said that a company's commitment to diversity and inclusion is important when choosing an employer.
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In recent years, more than 80% of the largest US insurers have made commitments related to implementing or continuing DEIB practices and policies; however people of color make up 30.5% of industry talent and only 16.2% of executives.
Women in insurance are significantly overrepresented in lower-level roles (77%), while they comprise 33.5% of executives. Almost 90% of CEOs at the largest US insurance companies are white men.
While women comprise nearly 60% of the insurance industry, they hold only 40% of board seats – and women of color hold less than 2% of board seats.
As of late 2020, and according to S&P Global Market Intelligence, there were just seven female CEOs in the US insurance sector. Of publicly held insurers, about 23% of executives and officers were women.

2024 Women in Insurance Goals

Educate & Amplify
We seek to share and spread knowledge about how insurance is an exciting, opportunity-rich industry for STEM careers through resources, webinars, social media outreach, and other avenues.
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Community & Connection
We create and foster community within the insurance industry through regular meetings, online forums, and other in-person or virtual events.                                                            
Action & Acceleration
With initiatives like the Day of Action, DEIB Playbook, and our working groups, we engage insurance professionals to help drive positive change across our industry.        

Member Benefits

As a member of Women in Insurance, your benefits include:
Connect and network with insurance professionals and leaders from across the country.
Participate in virtual events, webinars, and other WII activities and programming on advancing DEIB in insurance and related STEM fields.
Amplify your voice as a thought leader on women in STEM and DEIB in the industry.  

Join the Women in Insurance Initiative for a Day of Action, a campaign to spread awareness of career opportunities in the insurance industry by encouraging participants to reach out to local educational institutions and offer to speak to students about careers in insurance. Check out our resources below to learn more.

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Our Stories

Women in Insurance Initiative will connect with leaders in insurance to share personal stories about their journeys in the industry. We’ll hear from leaders on why increasing DEIB in the insurance industry and promoting insurance as a desirable, stimulating, and opportunity-rich industry for women in STEM is important.

Catalyst Committee

The Catalyst Committee was created to ignite progress for DEIB in insurance through practical, scalable programs focused on fostering an inclusive industry and strengthening the diverse talent pipeline.